*Use our advanced technology and software to see via your cameras’ views online.

By using  our wide variety of the latest available cameras in conjunction with our highly advanced software you will be able to monitor the following:

  • Operations
  • Procedures
  • Productivity
  • Stock Control
  • Guard Tracking
  • Training Material
  • Employee Activities

Recording of camera information has changed from the typical magnetic tape (Video recorders) and moved to computer based or digital recording.

Video is digitally compressed and stored directly onto a computer hard-drive.

The most distinct advantage of a digital recorder is its powerful video retrieval system in which a time period is simply entered via the keyboard or mouse and the system immediately displays the footage for that selected time slot for any selected camera.

Our years of experience and expertise in the IT industry has led us to the launch the IP camera with image recording designed to meet the requirements of a client’s specification.


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